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in 1831:
The Bavarian Field Marshal Provencheres built the "Villa Provencheres" in Wildbad Gastein No. 48.
May 30, 1871:
Luise Killani, b. Freiin von Verger, donated the "Villa Provencheres".
October 4, 1885:
Gustav WEISMAYR, b. Atzbach on February 20, 1836, who for many years was the residence of Emperor Wilhelm and his entourage and was awarded the title of a Prussian court counselor, married to the postmaster daughter Maria from Lend and tenant of the Hotel Badeschloß, bought the villa together with his wife Provencheres.
February 03, 1886:
The object is demolished to the level of the Reichsstraße and then built the hotel Weismayr with quarry stone masonry.
April 28, 1888:
The completion of the Hotel Weismayr, the granting of the resident permit and commissioning took place.
January 13, 1889:
Gustav Weismayr dies at the age of 53. Maria Weismayr becomes the sole owner.
July 13, 1900:
Marianne and Rudolf Weismayr (the last family members of the Weismayr family) take over the hotel.
October 30, 1901:
Rudolf Weismayr buys his share of the hotel from his mother and is thus the sole owner.
The third and fourth floors as well as the attic are built with bricks.
December 03, 1929:
Mr. Rudolf Weismayr sells the hotel to the Salzburg café owner Georg Lohr, after he had built the porch for the newly designed hotel hall as well as the staircase to the Bel floor in 1926. Thereafter, Rudolf Weismayr retires to Bad Ischl, where he spends his old age and dies there on April 5, 1934.
December 31, 1937:
The Landeshypothekenanstalt Salzburg, which had sold the hotel to the well-known Viennese hotelier couple Hans and Maria Hübner, this is slammed in the auctions. For the time being, it will not be transferable to their ownership, as the mortgage lender will deny this to buyers for political reasons.
During the Second World War, the Hotel Weismayr is used as a military hospital.
September 1949 to May 1953:
At this time is the hotel, seat of the Salzburg Hotelfachschule.
First summer season after the Second World War.
First winter season of the Hotel Weismayr.
April 11, 1954:
The Hübner couple take over ownership and management of the hotel. After the liberation of Austria from National Socialism, they had to take legal action, which would have been impossible before, in which the state mortgage institution was defeated. Finally, the Hübner family has in exchange for a stake in another family business the hotel Dr. med. Leave to Lowachek.
December 19, 1992:
The Hotel Weismayr goes to his son.
July 25, 1995:
Family Tscherne acquires the hotel.
September 1, 1995:
The Tscherne family takes over the hotel.